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News about Cold Creek, anybody?


- Yes, i have sent him emails, two times, no answer.
- Yes, six months between each of them.
- Yes, i have read the forum. Found a question in the Author's Hangout that was converted in a - f**k how cold winter is - discussion.

So, anybody?.

Thanks in advance


Replies:   John Demille
John Demille


I know he's still around the site.

He's not writing though, and probably avoiding email that keep asking when he's going to resume DMAN3.


@John Demille

Thanks for the info. It was more of a 'I hope everything's ok' and not a 'when are you going to finish' the story'. Of course, I included my wish that he can finish sometime.

Sharing one's self as entertainment ( in the measure that any author does) is something that calls for a lot of respect in my opinion. Glad to know he is around and hopefully well. As for the story, he will finish it, or he will not. Time will tell.

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