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Adult industry rehaul?


Hi everyone,

I read a story about a guy in College that ended up trying to make money by going to a porno shoot and hating the process so much that he went on a crusade to change how the industry worked and end up creating his own studio, getting all the best stars to move to it and destroy all the shady studios that had no respect for the actresses.

Most of this helped by one of his friend's new "program" that includes a killswitch in videos when played by someone else.

my storiesonline history doesn't seem to go far enough to list that story and I'd very much like to re-read it.

Thanks for sharing your memory with me!

Replies:   samuelmichaels

Here it is.

By Jay Cantrell.

Replies:   mostenlaub


Could be Daze in the Valley by Jay Cantrell.



Incredibly fast and accurate.

Thank-you that's exactly the story I was looking for!


Happy to help. Most of the time someone beats me to the punch. :-( Today I was probably the first person that read your post.


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