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This one is simple and i feel stupid i cant remeber


Man wakes up with his memory lost and has had to have his whole face reconstructed and what not family thinks he is missing. I can go on but this is simple enough

Ernest Bywater

any names would help with a search


Amnesia by Coaster2


Jay C

Might try Amnesia by Coaster2.

I know I read the story in the past and the description made me think of Coaster2 immediately. If it isn't this story, it might be one of his others. Most of his stories are worth a look.

Edit: It appears as though I was a bit slow and an answer sneaked in while I typed.


The Way Back, by Always Raining was the first story to come to my mind.

Replies:   Vlad_Inhaler

It was the way back thank you for the help everyone I will read that other story


Another one on a similar theme worth a look at is Protect and Serve by Paul Phenomenon though it is premier members only.




@Grant - Thanks for that, I thought I had read all of his but had missed that one.

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