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I lost this story. The Mc had some sort of disease(probably cancer). When he was about to die, he received an offer to cure his disease. A little girl in a cage(bag?) came to the hospital and ended up having sex with him turning him into a cute little girl with blonde hair. She gained the ability to duplicate the abilities of animals. She lives with her mother and two brothers. IIRC, she sort of became the "pet" of the family, and her brothers had sex with her. I also remember that as a reward she wanted to eat some kind of food, but wasn't able to so her family had to feed it to her directly in order to eat it. She also started having visions about her family selling her body for sex while she was unconscious. Right, her family put a GPS chip inside of her body to make sure that she didn't escape, and she didn't know the location of the chip.

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Now I really want to read this story.



No one?


It doesn't sound like the kind of story accepted by SOL since the age limit was increased to 14 for sexual activity. Your story has a character described as a little girl who has sex with a main character in the hospital and her brothers. She has visions about her family selling her for sex. As I said that isn't the kind of story you are likely to find on SOL. Perhaps ASSTR?


Doesnt fit half of the items but This might be close. https://storiesonline.net/s/58144/abort-retry-ignore

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