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Looking for a romance story


Hi, I read a story here a few years ago that I'm trying to find again but can't remember the title or the author :( Any help would be appreciated.

Here's a summary of the story:
A single man owns and runs a furniture store. He has his home attached to the store. He gives a job to a teenager girl. She may have been homeless, she sleeps in the store, on a bed for sale.
Eventually they fall in love, he moves the bed she used to sleep on into his attached home.


A Hard Man by SW MO Hermit

Man is kicked out of home by parents, starts a furniture business and takes in a homeless girl.

Close to what you mentioned though not exact.

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Nope. This isn't it. Thanks though.


Annie and the Junk Man by Unca D

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THANK YOU!. I've been searching for this story for so long.

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