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lost story think the name was fat camp but i cant find it


PLot summary sorta

the story is about this fat girl she is unhappy with her life she trying to lose weight but always fails . she has a friend who was also fat like her but have begun to change but her friend is a bit secretive about how eventually she finds out that the friend is having sex with this guys to loose weight .its a part of the program . she eventual joined the program desperate to lose weight ...he seems mean at first demanding she strip naked in the house and do sexaul acts with him but he dosent want to see he face or body and he puts her to sleep in the basement (cus that where fat women sleep) there arrangement is troubled at 1st but eventually she starts to learn and starts not to see her self as fat her life starts to improve she mets a guy a nerd from another program like hers who is in a similar program ..... there are other events and other women a situation with pumpkin pants but in the end she introduces and other women into the program having successfully finished and the story draws to a close .....

i read this a few years ago and i really enjoyed it i was looking for it again cuz i wanted a friend to read it. i thought the name was fat camp or phat camp but i cant find it ..... can any one help

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Have a look at:
Fat Farm by Lazlo Zalezac
there are a lot of similarities.


I concur, Lazlo Zalezac's Fat Farm, also available on his site (free registration required). All points raised above hit by this story.

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