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looking for a story


got kinda same cast as old man with a pen stories
david main character
Charles fat whiny brother

David gets bounced back to his younger self remembering everything brother goes from whiney to destructive. the better David does the worse Charles gets. he escapes to his own apartment much to his mothers disproval. mom eventually ends up in nut house.

any ideas


'A Fresh Start' by rlfj. On of the best stories on SOL, as far as I am concerned. Be sure to read all three stories.



LonelyDad the MC in that story is Carl

Gamecrazy19 I Thought it was A Well Lived Life But the MC is Steve, and the whinny crazy brother is Jeff, i will keep looking I have read that story

The closest I could find is The stupid boy series. David is the MC and has his own apartment but no brother Charles.

Try A Second Chance, it a do-over with David and crazy brother Chuck. David buys a farm, but lives in the attic of his parents house, 3 out of 4, met, I not going to get any better.


its a fresh start but thanks for finding others to read

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