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Any stories out there where a woman is tired of always having anal with her male partner and no matter what she tries he won't fuck her pussy? Then one day she cheats and has sex with another guy who will do her pussy? And she possibly gets pregnant?

Crumbly Writer

I'm sorry, but the only reason I can picture for NOT fucking a woman's vaginally, is the boyfriend is gay. In that case, it's more fun to show him being caught in the act, or focusing on how the woman responds after the breakup. The 'he don't like my pussy' doesn't really present much of a strong sell or present much of a challenge. After all, even if she succeeds (in getting someone to), the reader is stuck asking (does he really love her, or is he just that desperate?).

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@Crumbly Writer

Or the guy could not want to get her pregnant or he's allergic to condoms or even he has a secret lover and she doesn't want him to fuck another woman in the pussy.

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awnlee jawking


Or the guy could not want to get her pregnant

Very common in the Soviet Union where prophylactics were once as rare as Obama birth certificates ;)


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