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Brother and exfiance get hitched


I remember a story where a guy leaves home for school or military and while he is gone his brother marries his former gf or fiance. He comes back to town and has to move in with them temporarily. I'm looking for stories like this even if it's not the exact one.

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If I remember correctly,
A Time for Sharing by Carlos LaRosa
is a story where one brother marries an ex flame of the other.
Though not usually brother related, SW MO Hermit has several stories where someone leaves an area and returns, with the resulting tangles, plus is a very good writer. try those if you don't already know him.

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Yes I have read some of SW MO Hermit's work and I will check out A Time for Sharing. Thanks.


think was "It just happened" by Fable

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Yep that's the one. Thanks

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