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Looking for certain categories


Looking for some really good mt/ft maledom and mind control and or magic I would also like it to be longish side with a story sorry I don't have a premium account so it makes it harder for me to find certain stories thanks in advance

Replies:   samuelmichaels


You could try Lucky Tickets by JiMC, Ahead of the Game by Night Wolf, The Consequence and Rewards of Playing Hooky by mcguy101, The Invention by Dark Paladin, and They That Have Power by Hermit. Some of these are series, with a sequel or two.

You may also want to look at http://www.mcstories.com/.


Thanks for the suggestions let me know if you think of any more thanks


Check the SOL search engine for the EXACT type of story - capitals, spaces, spelling.

Then do a Google type search on each type of story individually using the correct SOL spelling: as an example.

mt/ft site:storiesonline.net

Each page often has a link to the next/prior page. I don't know if premium stories will appear - if they do you cannot access them in any case.

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