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English exSAS, Switzerland, Rogue Vatican


There's a huge novel that I think zi read here, but maybe bought later. And lost. Modern England. Ex SAS meets his okder mentor, who was a post wwii spy. Hero inherits a Swiss security agency, in a castle. Castle is attacked. Finds a series of caves with weii nazi treasures incl a v2rocket.
Attackers are a rogue element if the Vatican. Hero ends up marooned on an island for awhile. Enemy nukes England. Any clues?


K2 by gwresearch - it's Number 7 in the all time classics link on the left of the home page

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If you enjoy that story, i'd suggest reading his Magestic as well.
K2 & Magestic, both excellent reads.

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He also has other books including some sequels (for sale) at http://www.geoffwolak-writing.com/.

Jim S


K2 & Magestic, both excellent reads.

The only bad thing with K2 is that it is incomplete. At least I found it that way. I purchased the final chapters on the author's net page. Which he advertises at the end of several chapters in the book.

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