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Looking for a very sad cheating/revenge/violent story


Some years ago I read a story about a husband and a cheating wife. They had two or three children, but it turné out he wasn't the Father to any of them. She had been cheating on him with her high school boyfriend from the very beginning. Somehow the husband finds out, kills the lover. The wife figures it out, asks the husband if he will kill her too. He nods and after a while she kills herself, leaving him to take care of her.children. Her parents was never told of it and blames him.

Anybody with a guess on this story?


its on Lit.but dont remember the author or title.


Don't know your specific story, but, in my opinion, the best "cheating wife, husband's revenge" stories are from papatoad. In addition to the stories on SOL, he also has a Google story site at https://sites.google.com/site/papatoadstories/papatoad

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