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post/ apoc.story,not sure what site.


still trying to replace stories on defunct external h/drive.

some one trying to set up on the coast of england (south i think)gets involved with the local baker.he thinks he is in a race against time to set up his bolthole,to save as many as possible.
i'm not sure if anyone believes him ?
do not know if it was ever finished.

all help & suggestions apreciated

Crumbly Writer

Doesn't ring a bell, so it may not be from this site. The only English PA story I recall was an unfinished one, "Bow Valley", by Barbe Blanche, now deceased, although it's among the great uncompleted stories on SOL.


Check out Scotland the Brave's stories. I think the story I'm trying to recall was one of his.

I'll try to take a look through my files tonight.

Take a look at My Race Is Royal

Replies:   GITW

The only post apoc story I can think of, set in UK although on the east coast, is Hard Winter by Big guy on a bike.

There is no baker and the world doesn't come to an end in the conventional sense, more a decline of authority.



You might be thinking of the Scott MacFergus - surviving! universe.


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