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a lost story.maybe called or about " whisky jack"


wounded vet in wheelchair.wounded by secret weapon only survivor of his troupe,arranged by a senator.hidden disc. redheaded nurse companion pulls filaments out of his back,from the secret weapon.then he starts to regain the use of his legs.used to be a cyclist.regains contact with estranged daughter.

any help will be apreciated

Replies:   geo1951

story is called Whiskey Jack by wordytom

Replies:   Ernest Bywater
Ernest Bywater


story is called Whiskey Jack by wordytom



thanks muchly guys,libby


Thank you for reminding me of this story. Just reread and enjoyed. However! It reminded me of another somewhat similar tale. I remember very little, but at one point the main protagonist is assaulted by a police officer in the street and is protected by a large black security consultant. He then ran for mayor.

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Probably "John and Julie" by the same author:


Yes, that's the one. Thanks again.

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