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Looking for story


It is about a boy who grows up on a planet that everything is dangerous or deadly

Dominions Son


Sounds like real life. Breathing is dangerous.

Life is a terminal disease with a 100% fatality rate.

Safety is an illusion of familiar risks.



It is about a boy who grows up on a planet that everything is dangerous or deadly

Could be "Addison's World" byg Ka Hmnd. Another possibility is Adventures of a Greenie by Vanessa Ravencroft.


Vanessa Ravencroft's Adventures of a Greenie. It looks like she pulled them from here. Try this link
I found her to be an erratic but decent author.

Good hunting, limab


https://www.fictionpress.com/s/3041873/1/1-Adventures-of-a-Greenie By Vanessa Ravencroft. Heck of a good story but I do not think she takes criticism very well, she would pull a good story saying she was going to update it then nothing. Me, I loved her stories. Rod

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That it thank you all for the help

awnlee jawking


I enjoyed the story enormously, although it needed a decent editor/proofreader.

Was the story ever continued? I seem to remember lots of issues still hanging.



I too liked a lot of her stories, especially the Eric Olafson series. Unfortunately it doesn't look like she's written or added to her list in a while. That I could find anyways.


I seem to remember from a while back that she wrote on her blog that she had a Stroke and was recovering.


Fyi ...Posted to her Fictionpress page

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I signed a Publishing Contract, and can no longer update my stories on Free Websites. Soon I must delete most of the stories here as well.

My stories are available in print and EPup on Amazon and bookstores by the end of February 2017

You can continue to read some of my stories at my publishers website. Search for Inkitt or Vanessa Ravencroft on Google and you will find me.

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