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Post Apoc story with baseball player.


I can't remember the names but basically this guy is a preper and takes in a news woman that screwed him over and another girl and they all get together. Help plz.


I know the story. The guy retreats to a large ranch out in the boondocks to get away from the notoriety. Then the world comes apart, and the reporter and another woman show up asking him to shelter them.



Crumbly Writer

It's Money Grab by blackrandl1958. The story is deleted by the author.

Anyone know why it was pulled? Was it published or posted somewhere else, or did the author 'get religion'?

Never mind, just realized you already answered my question.

Ernest Bywater

The system shows the story was 'deleted at the author's request' on 20 Oct 2016.

edit to add: he deleted 3 other stories at the same time, and he has a blog entry saying he's concentrating on posting stories on Amazon - you may wish to check his Amazon site where he posts as Sydney Crosby.

Further edit. Two of the other stories pulled are now available on Amazon, so I suspect it will be soon.


He's a she. A black female English teacher.

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