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Cheating wife, guy Burns down house rather than sell


Man moves to new town (Texas?) after divorce. Ex married a senator? And wants his beautiful house. Senator tries to get it under emminent domain for a highway. Guy gets paid after fighting it for a long time and burns the buildings down. Sheriff comes but does nothing?

Anyways. Looking for the story described above.

Don't remember any sex, but that doesn't mean it isn't in there.

Oh, and I don't think the ex wife knew it was his house.

Anyways. Thanks for any and all help!


Remembered story. Man hooks up with lady next door. She has a daughter that is friends with the Sheriff's daughter. MC also made bread or something that he sold the recipe for. Searched for the story but couldn't locate the it. Hopefully someone can fill in the gaps. Good luck.


Any luck with a bump? Author had a bunch of stories in the same vein.

Ernest Bywater

needs a few more details to be able to conduct a real search - nothing shows under the above options in any pairs in the story description.


I'll keep thinking.
Pretty sure the wife cheated on the guy which ended the marriage.
Would have been about two years or so since I read it if that makes any difference.

Replies:   Ernest Bywater
Ernest Bywater


If you'd read it while it was being posted as a multi-chapter story the date you read it could help limit the search. However, the search engine came up with hits but no matches to your description when I did searches on the words used above. Some key words, like cheating have way too many hits to check them out individually, but have no hits when matched with any of the other key words you mention.

The best clues are names of characters and places along with part of the story line.

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@Ernest Bywater

Appreciate the help.


I have read it but can't remember the name or author but think it is one of the standard cheating wife authors.

Also think the mc and new lady vacation at a work type ranch and after he burns down his house they go there too run it

Jim S

Don't know the name of the story you are looking for but I know a good one you might like: Penny Lane by Harddaysknight.

Mentioning "Penny" brought to mind Penny Whimsey by papatoad. He doesn't burn down the house but he does burn her. A really good BTB story. Link is: https://storiesonline.net/s/58826/penny-whimsy?page=1


Denham Forrest mentioned on his SOL blog that Papatoad came for a visit recently. I hope that Dave (DF's first name) was able to convince him to write more stories.


That's it! Thanks! I'd about given up hope of finding it again.


And The Horse You Rode In On

Thanks, hsssht. I've never read that one so I downl0oaded it and read it today.


You'd probably enjoy Pyro Petey by papatoad. It's cheating wife story where the husband burns down LOTS of stuff.

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