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Whats the name ?


I want to reread a story I read awhile back, but can not recall the name or author . :(
The story is about a teenage girl who winds out forced to wear short skirts to school and then remove her panties outside in front of the school for everyone to see and attend class that way. She later gets forced to go full "slut" with gang bangs and even beastyality . . . . Her tormentor was a guy a few grades ahead of her as I recall.
Can anyone help me with the name of the story or author ?
Thank you


Would love to read that.


Try this story - https://storiesonline.net/s/12267/becoming-a-school-slut-erotic-sex-story

by this author - https://storiesonline.net/a/bydasea


Thanks Paliden, but that was not it, nor where the other stories by that author . I guess I will keep trying to find it


This actually reminds me of The Favor, by MWTB.




That "The Favor" looks interesting, and I am going to read it, but it is not the story I am looking for. I do recall a few other details :

The guys that forced her and a girl friend to do their strip tease,
drove a Jeep,
was a few grades higher then them,
graduated and went to the military ( Marines? )

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