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Story name???


I think the I read the story on SOL...

Plot line was about a scientist from earth who build a space ship and travelled the universe and meets different humanoid races.

Facts that I remember from the story include:
The space ship was build in a shed on a farm
Earth was seeded with "dumbed" down humans 8n the far past. He later met up with the humans with 100% mental faculties who seeded earth.
I think the scientist had 3 females with him??

Please give me the name of the book / series.
Thank you

Replies:   Grizz

no idea but I am looking forward to reading the answer. Sounds like something I would enjoy reading.



The story you are looking for is
is in the faster-than-light universe
By Timm https://storiesonline.net/a/Timm

Replies:   grandad_rufus


A very enjoyable series



Thats is the one

Thank you :)

Much appreciated

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