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any stories like a former story


Hi. There was an author that removed his stories but Imwas wondering if there was any stories out there like his story titled Coin or was it Coins. Any way this brother and sister are able to stop time with a coin or coins. They have sex and even bring a friend into it. They find out that the coin belonged to their parents at one time. I'd like a stoey where people can slow time and even have a pregnancy involved.

There is even one story where a boy and girl are able to slow time for short periods of time and they have fun and sex. Then the time starts to slow down for longer periods of time. Then eventually it seems as if time is forever slowed down. That is until the girl has a baby. The girl returns home one day and her sister and mom are surprised to see that she is older than she was that morning and that she has a baby.


Old Man with a Pen

Has some about a stopwatch



MC Stories has the time stop tag. Here is a list: http://mcstories.com/Tags/ts.html

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