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inherited harem stories


it's not really a case of lost story but I'm looking for stories where the MC inherits a harem, or through the inheritance gains the control of a group of women either with a drug, a device, a technique or a magical mean

I've already read a few of these but the code "harem" is not always used by the authors since it may overlap with "poly" and it's not always about "mind control"

any help would be welcome




This is one of my kinks. Here are some on this site from My Library:

Ascension of the Alpha Male and other stories by GoldenMage

Atlantis by Warlord

King of a Distant Country by Smilodon (unfinished, I think Smilodon passed away)

I think all the 'Reward' stories (eg My Reward, etc.) include harems. Just do a title search on 'reward.'

Most of my stories (most unfinished after I was diagnosed with cancer)

Many more by different site authors. If you have access to the Stories On Line category search function there is a 'harem' category.


Not necessarily inherited, but a lot/nearly all of the Master PC stories involve harems. You can find most of them on JR Parz's asstr page here: http://www.asstr.org/~JR_Parz/MasterPCUniverse.htm

The Erotic Mind Control Stories Archive has about a page and a half of stories identified with the harem tag using the Svengali search engine, which can be found here: http://www.mcforum.net/yabbse/index.php?topic=16336.0

Capt. Zapp


Take a look at "The Master" series by plus plus.

What happens after I discover a Master in my basement


thanks to all :)

@ zellus: that's the story that started my search

@ franco: except for smilodon's (that is now next in the queue) I've read all of them and highly enjoyed yours especially Alien son and the artifact

@ capt zapp: I started reading it when he posted the 3rd chapter ;)

not sure if it'll help finding more stories, what I'm looking for is mostly a guy taking possession of an already existing harem rather than building it

ideally the guy would be unprepared to deal with so many willing partners or the concept of harem and the story would detail his struggles to adapt to the new lifestyle, would he try to free the women or fall into the darkness and start collecting more partners ... ?

right now I'm reading SluT9 by jefferson but if the MC is handled a drug it's more about the building of a harem

awnlee jawking


Xalir's Book 1 has the protagonist 'inheriting' a pair of girls.

And redsliver's Lost Toys stories have elements of harem inheritance.


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