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Found story "The Lottery"


The other day someone was looking for a story called "The Lottery". I don't remember which list it was on, but in case it was here I just found one by Dark Vision: https://storiesonline.net/s/36551/the-lottery

Replies:   Invid Fan
Invid Fan


There are two stories, at least, with that name. The one you found, and a second one sometimes known as "The Lottery Winner". That's a bondage/harem tale I'm quite taken with. It "escaped" in unfinished form onto the internet in the early 90's (the author put in on an FTP site so friends could read it). He wanted to publish it, so asked it never be reposted.

I have my copy (which I may print up at some point), but the author's email no longer works and the story is still unfinished. I'd love to find a version with more chapters.

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