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Any good do-over stories that don't involve the MC sleeping with anything that moves?


I love a good "go back and live your life again" story. For published examples, I highly recommend Replay by Ken Grimwood and The First Fifteen Lives Of Harry August, by Claire North. Fantastic, the both of 'em.

I like some of the amateur stories here with the same theme, too, but too many of them (strictly in my opinion) seem to follow a distinct pattern:

1) Protagonist is shown in his older life, generally at least middle aged.

2) Holy crap, I'm back in my younger self! This is freaking me out!

3) Man, the girls sure are purty. But no matter what I look like, I'm way too old! It would be wrong!

3a) Never mind, I'm gonna have all the sex! Yeehaw!!

I labeled that last one as 3a instead of 4 because it generally seems to take Our Hero about 3.7 seconds to get over his moral qualms and start bedding everything in sight.

Please note, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with these stories. I don't mean any offense with my admittedly ridiculous summation of them. They're just not my cup of tea, is all, which is frustrating because they seem to be the most prevalent type of these stories on this site.

So does anyone have any recs for good do-over stories (or hell, one way time travel of any sort) that don't turn into sex-fests? Or that take their time to get there, at least, and preferably show a real relationship developing before anything physical starts?



So does anyone have any recs for good do-over stories (or hell, one way time travel of any sort) that don't turn into sex-fests? Or that take their time to get there, at least, and preferably show a real relationship developing before anything physical starts?

Depending on your tolerance for *some* boinking. Doing it All Over by Al Steiner start exactly as you describe, but the character finds that all the teeny sex has a real cost, and settles down.

Rewind by Don Lockwood, has some sex, but with serial monogamy. The main character gets really attached to each girlfriend; he's pretty committed to relationships rather than just hooking up.

A New Past by Charlie Foxtrot has some fun sex, but with a small number of girls (who know of each other), and quickly settles into a committed relationship. A Fresh Start by rlfj is something like that -- playing the field (albeit serially) followed by a long-term, committed relationship with the "once and future wife".

Once More With Feelings by Night Hawk has sex, but it's slow, and romantic (a relationship).

And finally Magestic has almost no sex. Or to be precise, no teenage sex, and sex is a tiny, background part of a much, much larger political and SF thriller.

Dominions Son


Not This Time by aroslav

awnlee jawking

I can't recall much bonking in A Fresh Start by rlfj apart from between the protagonist and the woman he married in his previous life.


Replies:   MarissaHorne  LonelyDad

@awnlee jawking

There were at least two girls in high school; his science fair partner (who may very well have screwed him to fully engage him in the project) and the girl who he got caught with by her parents; they sent her off to relatives elsewhere, and she had a son.

Replies:   awnlee jawking
awnlee jawking


Thank you for the correction.

@rkimmelerre might find it worth reading anyway, since the protagonist becomes monogamous after hooking up with his life partner, and the story's a pretty good read anyway. (That's not to belittle the previous suggestions in any way, the ones I've read have all been good).


Replies:   noneck

@awnlee jawking

+1 vote here for A Fresh Start.

Yes the MC does get together with several girls before he once again meets his love of his life. Once he meets her again however he stays true.

I liked the story and I personally think it is up there with some of the others that have been recommended.

Replies:   richardshagrin

@awnlee jawking

The story implies several, but only a couple are mentioned explicitly. Even then, he was serially monogamous, at least that was the impression I got. I think a lot of it was dating one girl at a time, as word of the 'Buckman Experience' spread.

Another good story was 'Paul's Redemption' by novascriptus. Didn't go wild with sex after his return, just mainly trying to win the one he wanted.

Replies:   burlarr

Thanks much, folks! These all sound really interesting, and I'll give 'em a try. Committed relationships are probably okay, though of course I won't know if any given story is my thing until I read it. It's great to have so many possibilities to check out.



I agree and am in the process of re-reading it. Its pretty much a week long process, unless you have a lot more hours in your day than I do. So far, and he is in Congress (in Washington DC, not sexual congress), it still has lots of sex, just with his wife. Multiple toys, occasional variant orifices, mild bondage, and other kinks, including requiring his wife to get naked in somewhat public places. Its a good read and has plenty for the reader looking for a "good time."



How about lightning in a bottle by sage mullins?



Thanks for the tip, it was a good read.

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