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about a boy. not a do over but he's musically gifted. got a xylophone from a man who wanted him to play.

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This is a do-over.



"Chance! Chance!!" he called. "I'll catch up," I said, trotting back to the older man. He was holding a box in his hand which he shoved at me. "Take this, please," he said, pushing the box into my arms. "It's ... well, it isn't much ... but it's all I can spare. You don't owe me anything, I'm not selling it to you. It's a gift. Just promise me you'll play. Please!?" I took the box and looked inside. There was an old xylophone in it."

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Those are the exact stories i'm looking for! There is no SOL coin so all I can offer you are my great thanks.

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