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Story series, year in title (in 1950s)


I'm looking for a story series that starts the summer before HS freshman year. Hard working boy starts hitchhiking across the country, works several jobs, ends up in some movies with John Wayne, invents very useful and commercially successful things, buys property, does HS sports and Boy Scouts, has President for godfather and Queen for godmother, and many more complications.

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There are currently two books in the series by Banadin.


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That's the one!



On SOL, the story about the summer before ninth grade is a prologue to the novel. I looked, this is what I found for the chapter before chapter 1.

Posted: April 23, 2015 - 02:42:09 pm

Updated: June 13, 2015 - 10:16:36 am

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My Summer Vacation 1958

"Your home work for your first day of English class, due tomorrow is one on your summer vacation," said Miss Bales. This should be interesting I thought, should I tell the truth or make up the usual crap, like we went to the beach on Lake Erie or to Columbus to the zoo."
I ended the quote at the end of the first paragraph.

On Fine Stories its a separate story by Banadin, "My Summer Vacation, 1958". The next story in the series, without the prologue is Ninth Grade. I didn't put Ninth Grade in quotes because as I remember it, the name is somewhat different.



The third story in this series will be 10th Grade and should begin posting in early 2017 according to Banadin's blog.

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