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I'm looking for a story I read a while back that isn't coming up on any searches.

Some of the main points.

1. Main character is a young man (boy?). Parents were both dead. Had an older sister who was his guardian.
2. There was a scene where he gets involved or sees an altercation at a country club that involved a young lady and her step father. The young lady would later become is girlfriend.
3. Girlfriend was heiress to a factory that was the main employer in the area.
4. Girlfriend was known as a 'villager'. Villagers were the upper-class that weren't meant to hang around with the lower class 'townies'.
5. Girlfriend died.
6. Young man took off a year and went to America to get away from a voice in his head that was his girlfriend talking to him.
7. Shagged everything he could while over in America.
8. Comes back home (UK?) after the year and his sister had sold the family home.
9. Sister had a restaurant and was in a lesbian relationship (I think).
10. He went off to university to study law.
11. Went off the deep end when at uni and shagged a lot of girls. One girl was setting up most of the one night stands for him.
12. Gets in an argument and drives off in his car. Gets in a accident and not bad.
13. A friend convinces him to go to his girlfriends grave and say goodbye as he never got over her death. I think while there he saw her mother.

I can't remember much more but I'd like to find it to re-read.

Can't remember if it was finished but seem to recall that there was more coming, either more chapters or a continuation.

Any ideas of what it could be?

Replies:   John Demille
John Demille


Try 'A Good Man' by Marc Nobbs.



Actually, OP was describing both 'A Good Man' and 'A Tortured Soul'


Replies:   noneck

Hi John,

Thank you. That was it.



True. But all I was after was the author.

Thanks for the help.

I knew that this community would remember what it was.

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