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looking for Empath stories


other than 2nd time through and ike-blacktower-stories series any other recommendations plz

awnlee jawking


Updates seems to be rather erratic but I'm rather fond of to 'Empath, Telempath, Leader, God' by Reluctant_Sir.


Replies:   zellus
Ernest Bywater


Although they don't focus on his empathetic ability many of the Clan Amir stories involve Gordon Gerry Mannheim who's an empath, and the skill is an important part of some of the stories.


@awnlee jawking/@Ernest Bywater thankyou for those suggestions


@awnlee jawking


'T.R.E.S' by Ms. Friday & Paul Phenomenon. Not the main character, but a supporting role.

Also my Ms. Friday:

Both of these are Exclusive Stories, so one would need a membership to read them.

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