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UK based tale, UK author


It sounds like "Runaway" by Sparky1459 but he seems to have pulled his stories.


I'd say Runaway by Let's not tell Jane, also removed from here (same author, possibly/probably?); the characters 'Duncs' (Duncan) and 'Aims' (Amy) live just outside Beverly in Yorkshire and made a cameo in Oyster50's Community (as noted in his blog entries for 11,12th July 2014). Over 1MB in nearly 30 chapters, but a google for a unique phrase gave no hits so seems to be gone - although Google does FU some searches: compare results for searches (including quote marks):

"They were looking at me as if I was Jesus Christ right down from the cross"

- one result (plus dups) for Al Steiner's 'Doing it all over'

"Jesus Christ right down from the cross"

- no results even though it's a substring of above.

ETA: I've just given Google some feedback for that.

ETA 2016-10-28: now there's one result for the second, this post.

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Methinks you're right, folks; that it was the now missing "Runaway". Damn.

Thanks, anyway.



same author, possibly/probably

Same author for sure; I've got it saved twice, once under Let's not tell Jane and once under Sparkyman1961

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Any chance you could send me an epub copy of the story? I love Oyster's work and the chapter(s) with Duncs and Aims has me curious.

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