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football story


Need an interesting story about football in line with plotlines like 'stupid boy', 'all american boy', etc

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Ernest Bywater

a whole bunch here:


or switch sports for:



Thanks, but I've read all the stories in the life in paradise series. I wouldn't mind suggestions for more similar stories.


Thanks for all the referrals. I'll start the game of inches although I've read the path of glory. Anyways, you can keep the referrals coming.


allegedly 1970 results! Try copying the following into Google:
football site:storiesonline.net

Included in those results is page 1 of six for the index of SOL Sports stories. Yes, I realise that this one (out of the claimed 1970) includes other sports but seeing that America lives for football you should have plenty to choose from.

Perhaps there might just be one reader who wants to see "I had just been sexually victimized and sodomized by a black football team. And I didn't want to fly to Orlando and give the players a return engagement." It is all there; chacun a son gout/each to his own taste

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chacun a son gout

à chacun son goût


You said "with plotlines like Stupid Boy" and the first thing that came to my mind upon reading that is Cold Creek's Defenceman series. It's not football but ice hockey and the third story is incomplete and without an update for almost two years, but other than that it's the one match with the closest resemblance I can think of.

Since you were asking for football stories, we should mention two long-time incomplete and probably abandoned works that showed promise. One is "Friday Night Lights" by The Senator and the other "Going Pro" by AB_Moore. More recently G. J. Raven started writing "A Matter of Life and Death", but after a few quick updates the author hasn't been heard from in some months.


I can think of one for you.

Why not try https://storiesonline.net/s/11710/mayhem-in-a-pill-science-fiction-story

But then again I heard the writer is find of an ass so take it with a grain of salt.

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you might consider "Divided at Division One" by Pettybox. It doesn't quite fit your criteria but it is an interesting tale.


Thanks to all. Started reading. 20% progress already


I read Game of Inches over the weekend and it's kind of infuriating. It's one of the few sports stories that touches on the some of the real challenges to achieve excellence. I was impressed with how it dealt with those issues and much of the early character development.

The problem with the story is that it's poorly written. I don't just mean the normal complaints about homonyms or typos, but mechanical and technical issues that exist from beginning to end.
The main character is nearly catatonic most of the time. While this helps push exposition at the character, his standing still and not reacting gets old. On top of that the erotic (or porny, as I like to say) parts are a little odd. I'm pretty sure that the author has a bit of a fetish for mutual masturbation that isn't readily apparent until you are fairly deep into the story... so to speak.


I need more football stories please. Finished reading all others.

awnlee jawking


Sacrilege! Pills should be taken with a spoonful of sugar, not a grain of salt.

It's a very good story so far, but I have concerns about the distribution of the story between the two timelines and how things are going to be reconciled.


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Capt. Zapp

@awnlee jawking

the story between the two timelines

The way I see it, there are three timelines:
1. Fat Tim time-traveler's original timeline (Only refered to at the beginning)
2. Timeline Fat Tim returned to and is being tortured in
3. After-pill Tim the kid's

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awnlee jawking

@Capt. Zapp

I only considered 2 & 3. I don't think 1 is going to be continued.

The author seems to be concentrating on after-pill Tim's football career. While any progress on the story is welcome, I'd like to see more weight assigned to Fat Tim's torture, especially after the suggestion was raised that the guard might help Fat Tim escape.



Here are 2 to annoy you as they are abandoned

Going Pro
Friday Night Lights


So how football oriented are you looking for? THere aren't many more that feature football as front and center and in depth as Path to Glory or the Life In Paradise stories, but there are some that touch on the game in differing degrees... or are you looking for stories about football?


The truth is ..... I have not watched a single down of American football asides a few highlights (Infact, the game is probably unheard of in this part of the planet). But I have gained appreciation maybe even love for it through the 'coming of age' stories I have read about them. So I guess that is where my curiosity or obsession (as the case may be) with such types of stories come from. In other words, I'll like similar stories or stories that involve a great deal of football. Thank you.


Any other similar stories please?


This one is a coming of age story, the first third of this story has a lot of high school football, the lead character ends up the captain of the team. One of the better stories on SOL, as his his very large time travel tale.


The Grim Reaper is an interesting read but unfortunately, I've read it.


Any other suggestions either from this site or any other site please?


The Outsider by Jay Cantrell has some football, but it isn't the main focus. It's sequel, A Flawed Diamond, has a focus on baseball instead but is still a very good read.




Thanks. But unfortunately again, I've read it.




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