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looking for sports story-baseball


mom is a broadcaster/new anchor. they have a really "close" relationship but new quite cross the line. boy is not on team because coach hates him but he is super talented. He was close with housekeepers daughter who now hates him and has to live with them. older girls confides in him while her sister is in love with him. Was a weekly update about two years ago but i dont think it ever got completed. Thanks in advance for anyone who remembers title or author


Foul Ball-Sophomore Year by Mindmeld




Flawed diamond by Jay Cantrel


Definetely Foul Ball. I liked the story and it's a pity Mindmeld abandoned it. I was in contact with him last year when he announced a couple of months gap in publishing. Then he disappeared and quit answering emails.

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Average Geek


Mindmeld going inactive was a sad day. Good sports stories are rare on SOL, and foul ball was off to a good start. When mindmeld was replying to emails, he mentioned that he was in regular touch with G Younger. I emailed G Younger as well who mentioned that mindmeld was busy with real life developments. I'm still hoping mindmeld will come back and pick up the story but it seems like he and Cold Creek are MIA.

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