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memory loss and protection stories


as the subject says im looking for stories involving memory loss/amnesia and ones about body guards ive read Body Guards — a series by Shakes Peer2B and im interested in any other suggestions due to my searches not producing results thankyou



Just how does a man cope when he has lost all memory of his past? If and when it's recovered, how does he put the pieces back together again?


Lost Memory — a collection from Lubrican

Stories in this series have the common thread that someone loses his or her memory for one reason or another, and then has to cope with exploring and living their "new" life.



I forgot to mention that this series is only available to premium members.

Ernest Bywater


Protect and Serve is a good one, but it's a Premier Members only story.


What would you do if you woke up in a hospital with no memories? To complicate your answer, add that for some reason you can also read minds. You know no one. You don't even know your own name. You have no money. You are without recourses of any kind. Then you discover that someone you don't know wants you dead for reasons you also don't know. What would you do?


'Bob's Problem' by BigZeke


Since someone could not leave a sleeping dog lie; will Bob be able to protect his new family. Please read on and enjoy!



and ones about body guards

Ebooks rather than SOL, but Kazak Guardians and Black Guard by C R Daems are focused mostly on mercenary bodyguards.


Two protection/bodyguard story by Kenneth Hammond



Emperor's Bodyguard (Complete)



The author is posting stories on SOL under the name Ka Hmnd - http://storiesonline.net/a/Ka_Hmnd

Crumbly Writer

This isn't a recommendation, just an observation, but one of my all-time [reader] favorite characters is "Gail", a bodyguard of one of my main character's. I can understand the appeal, as it provides a unique overview of an ongoing story.




Amber wakes up with no memories of who or where she is. She quickly learns that she has been kidnapped and given amnesia to make her a slave to House Grantlo on the magical world of Destran. What will happen to her when she's given the choice of accepting her slavery or dying?




A short story about a young man and his bout with amnesia




The story is set in post war Australia, Jimmy our protagonist comes to after a blow to the head, he struggles and beats his assailant only to be attacked by another. He suffers amnesia but has gained a few "gifts' which he will use in the future. This not a sci-fi or a stroke story but one I think you will enjoy.




Carol finds a naked man tied to a tree and near death. She nurses him back to health and they try to find out who did that to him.



Minara is an ex solider turned bounty hunter earning a living catching human survivors from the Human, Grojan war. She stumbles across a large enemy fleet and is shot down. She crashes on a primitive planet where Minara quickly establishes herself as a bodyguard to a princess of a small kingdom. Unbeknown to her a powerful general from a rival kingdom is a genetically modified human. By chance and political events, they meet and sparks fly.


Craig Anson is a gunslinger. Who would ever expect him to be a bodyguard for a sheepherder? He badly needed the job, but never expected the fringe benefits. He becomes a one-man killing machine as he takes on the cattlemen of Montana.


"Shotgun Jack" Green was a self styled Independent Health Contractor, commonly known as a bodyguard or gunslinger. What set him apart from most such people was his preference for a sawed off shotgun as his personal armament. This is the story of some of his adventures as a bodyguard, a deputy federal marshal, a gambler, and a rancher. His life may not have been typical, but it sure was exciting! Join him as he visits The Cheyenne Social Club.


John Wilson is shifted to an alternate dimension only slightly different from Depression America of 1930. His job is to protect a very rich young woman from being kidnapped and assassinated before she can bear a daughter. If he fails, the whole universe of time travel will cease to exist, and he will be returned to his original time as if none of his adventures had ever happened.


Our hero, employed as a bodyguard, takes a Caribbean Cruise but when his client fails to show, he takes on a new job. That job turns into more than he planned. This started out as a mostly true story and then I got carried away. I had fun with it and hope you do too.


Generally the "doover" stories include no knowledge of the subject's past but sometimes a knowledge of who the person was before they were translated into the new body.
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