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Looking for a story with professional tennis


The male character is a tennis player who aims to become a professional and go on to participate in Junior Grand Slam and many competions.


Maybe "Life at Omnicianni Academy" by Bingain.
I am not sure if it was ever finished.
Sadly no longer on SOL.

Replies:   p0ps

That's what I thought about too, pigs41.

One thing though, the story you mentioned was completed, but the author wrote a sequel called "Memoirs of a Lonely-hearted Lady's Man" which was incomplete and inactive before it disappeared. The last chapter he ever posted in that second story (of the series) was from February 2012.

Would be nice to know if Bingain only left SOL or if his works are still available elsewhere. I faintly remember a shorter story about pro basketball which I'd love to read again.


Oh! I was not aware that Bingain changed his author name in addition to the removal of his two stories revolving around Maxim. After I couldn't find him in the author index any more, I assumed he had removed everything.

The story I was thinking about is called Impossible Dreams by the way. Thanks a lot for your helpful reply, Richard.



ht abo

why the name pig 41

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