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It was about a company secretly panting chips to brainwash women making slaves out of them


It will lack details but here it goes. remember some of it( if i read a bit of it i will remember. It will hit me like a ton a bricks if i read any small portion of it though).

It had something to do with a company secretly planting chips in the back of women's head or neck(i think it was head) brainwashing and turning them into slaves. A guy comes across one that (may) has/have malfunctioned. Any how eventually the guy loses that "slave" to a night club and tries to sneak into it and get her back with the help of a female officer. He succeeds but the female officer gets caught and gets put through the process she has to imagine a faceless master but somewhat avoid complete slavery by putting the face of the guy she was working with but still ends up brainwashed.

There was also a side story of the police woman after she was caught.

If you need more details cause you're not sure ask and I don't mind the "mistake" of being introduced to similar stories.

The similar stories don't need to have brainwashing chips in them just similar to the story elements. Thanks!

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Thanks! I have yet to actually confirm but going by the synopsis I am pretty sure it is these two. Appreciate the quick response.


Similar to what you are looking for might be

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Thanks! I'll check it out


A different but similar story is The Love Toy's Reprieve by mcguy101

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:o I have actually read that one in the process of trying to find "The True Master" story. It is a short worthwhile read did start getting worried for a second though. It has its "uh oh" moments.

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