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Lost Photography Coming of Age tale.



There is a coming of age story dealing with a young photographer who starts in high school and ends up using his girlfriends camera to begin making a business of portraits, boudoir photos of his girl and others, invents his own custom camera head gadget and sells them. I recall he would do some aerial work and eventually light things with little fiber optic lights for some bright stainless parts. All of this commercialism was wrapped around a fairly decent romance, trials an tribulations of growing up.

I can state that it's definitely not Aroslav's Model series, nor Ryan Sylander's Depth of Field series.

Thanks in advance if you can remember this one


Sounds like you are talking about the Beth series by Svengali's Ghost. He's photography, she's engineering, IIRC. I think he's up to Beth 5 right now, but hasn't posted anything for a while.

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Looks like you got it... Thanks.

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