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"The Cherry Orphan" by Garrelhaz


I actually know the name and author (at the time of the writing) of the story. It's about a british lad who is orphaned and sent to live with his American cousins. One of them is a larger than life young woman (Callie if memory serves right) who want to be an actress but has her demons. There is some sex but it is mostly a character driven story with a rather tragic ending. I have been looking for it for years I have missed the story so much after the author pulled it from SOL. He himself has disappeared to my knowledge. If any are familiar with the author, has he been published. If I would love to be able to buy the story. If not and you have a copy I would dearly love to pull it out over some quiet nights where I could enjoy it once again now that the memory has faded that it'll be new again.

Dominions Son


I found a book by that title using google, but it's a 1919 paperback.

There is a "Cherry Orphan" no "The" on wattpad that has a girl named Calley. The author is listed as Les Mason.





Cherry Orphan--a tantalizing coming of age journey across a young boy's threshold of discovery.

Try to imagine that young boy: an only child who has never held a girl's hand, never stolen a kiss, or even spoken with a girl for any length of time.

Imagine James.

When his parents die suddenly in a violent car crash at the end of his school year, James is on his own. More than alone, he is left staring at a gaping hole in his human experience. He is about to take the ride of his life.

His is a story filled with emotion and discovery, as a cloistered young man is suddenly catapulted from a vile sexless environment, imposed by an old-world boarding school, into the real world. A world he could never envision in a thousand lifetimes.

Introverted and scared of female company, James has no idea how to behave and oblivious of how attractive he is to the opposite sex.

Now imagine Calley.

Her looks are a heartbeat away from a heart attack and to be sure a girl up for any dare. Too much for most, let alone a pubic freshman who redefines virginal. And when James meets cousin Calley for the first time a new journey begins in all its heart-rending detail.

Add to the mix sister Calley's Sonia, and two wealthy estranged parents living in luxury, it becomes a recipe for adventure that will taste rare. A sweet and sour dish impossible to set aside.

From west of London to the extravagance of Pebble Beach California, let Cherry Orphan sweep you away to a place of opulence, privilege and emotional overload.

Dare to take the journey with him--feel the pleasure and pain of it all.

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Looking at the resume quoted by samuelmichaels and the original posted by Garrelhaz in 2004 on SOL suggests they are the same one, even though the "The" is missing from the later title.


I am amazed that you found what I could not have. Has my google-fu failed me? At any rate I thank you all for helping me.



Thanks - always looking for something new to read

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