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stopped bank robbery


looking for a story that starts with a stopped bank robbery. guy gets a girl off of a bike that is rigged with explosives and ends up in a body cast.


I've read the story... don't remember the title tho.

Ernest Bywater

is this the story that opens up at the bank with the cops inside and the main guy is an undercover cover DoJ of FBI or something like that?

Ernest Bywater

or it could be this one



I Think the store you looking for is called deciding moment
By BJohns

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"Half way to the parking lot and in the middle of the driveway, I heard the first pop. There was a yell. I turned and looked. Oh fuck! A robbery! To this day I don't know how I heard, felt, sensed, smelled- I shouldn't have known. My head turned and I saw a girl on a bike coming down the sidewalk. Another 'oh fuck' ran through my head. The combination of conditioning my parents had brought me up to have, along with my obsessive desire for junior high girls, made me react as I did. I briefly saw her head turn towards me, as she had been looking across at the park, oblivious to what was going on next to her. Her eyes widened. She started a scream as I grabbed hold of her, pulling her down to the ground. My leg caught the edge of the bike, throwing me off balance. As my leg went up in the air, I felt a searing pain rip through it. With both hands on the girl and my leg in the air, I was in a bad shape. My head hit the sidewalk."

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Thanks, all, for the recommendation, I've just finished reading it.

Ernest Bywater

I just finished reading County Boys for the first time, it's not what you asked about, but it's still a good read.

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