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Mc is a party play boy kind of guy. He's not the type to commit or take a relationship seriously.

his bestfriend got pregnant, the guy left her and she doesn't want her reputation to get tarnished because of 'reasons'(i forgot, it was related to her education/job/career)

so they get married, the guy fell in love with the daughter(non-sexual),he treated the daughter as his own.

I don't want to spoil anymore, things happened, they separated and girl gets custody of child, mc is devastated to be separated from his daughter. etc. etc.

I think he calls her 'little sweety' could be wrong.

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I believe call I thank I'll go somewhere and cry myself to sleep by happyhugo

Replies:   jhncanson  zellus


yea that's it, he keeps on listening to that song to sleep.




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