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Lost Series: Wole & Fox Families


Series of stories about two families, the Wolfes and Foxes.

First story, the parents: Gabriel, Gabe?
Another their twin sons.
A girl photographer.
A renn faire knight.
A dancer?
A painter?



The Fox and The Hound by Eon - A Wolfe family story
Looks like it has been removed from SOL though


Thanks for the info. Googling that found a forum with more story names and the name the author used on SOL: Eon.

"Renaissance Man"
"The Last Cowboy"

Still no stories though.

Replies:   ustourist


Renaissance Man was about the Fox Family, but I don't think it was finished.
The Last Cowboy wasn't part of those series.
All of them were around 2005-06, if that helps at all.
I know nothing about the author or any other site they may have been on.
Good hunting.

Ernest Bywater


Do you remember any of the actual plot lines, or story locations. There's a series of stories printed in 2012/13 about a family in Texas by the name of Wolfe.


That's it zellus. archive.org has almost all of it. Only a few pages missing.


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