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Guy turning his life around


Please help me remember the title of this story, thank you.

The following description follows no chronological order:

The protagonist is a middle aged man in an unhappy marriage. His wife does not have any respect for him or any males actually and considers men inferior. She treats him like a piggy bank and uses his hard earned money on herself and her teenage daughter. The daughter learns from her mother's behavior and develops the same attitude towards men. They also have a teenage son who is greatly neglected and often mistreated by the women of the house as well.

The main character works as a manager at some sort of automobile repair store. He has a bad temper which has scared of many of his employees. He decides to divorce his wife and obtains custody of the children. The daughter thought her mother would fight for custody, but discovers that the money was more important to her mother than she was.

Their new house is located in a poorer district of the town where racial tensions are high. However, the protagonist treats people without prejudice and soon befriends his new neighbors despite initial problems. He becomes good friends with the unofficial leader of the area.

In his free time he likes to buy old cars and make them look like new. His latest work turns out extremely well with the help of a young man who suffers from OCD. The young man did the paint job of the repaired car but makes a typo when writing the name. The finished car is presented at a car show and receives great praise.

The main character has a difficult relationship with his daughter, but manages to make her see reason in the end. He meets his love interest at a cafe. She is the manager of the rather high end cafe that mainly caters to women. She complains how hardly anyone orders the chocolate cake on the menu due to her customers always watching their calorie intake. He eats the cake in a showy way to depict his satisfaction and receives glares from other guests in return. His love interest likes to prepare more 'substantial' meals for him whenever he visits.

At work he manages to improve his temper and his employees' job satisfaction greatly increases. His latest hire is a local boy from his neighborhood and a women proficient with computers. He receives great praise from management for upping their diversity quota and implementing a new inventory system. When offered a substantial promotion to upper management, he passes on the new job opportunity and accepts the post of regional manager. He didn't wish to move and also felt that the logistical improvements were more due to his new employees than his own contributions.

His wife tries to shoot him in front of their children but is stopped and arrested. Afterwards they have a meal at a restaurant but can't eat due to depression. Their waitress asks if anything was wrong with the food but they tell her that their mother tried to kill them. This puts the young waitress in great emotional distress and she runs away crying. The managers asks them to leave.

The neighborhood has a problem with drug dealers. The leadership along with the protagonist gathers to figure out a solution. It comes to a gun fight.

Thanks for reading! Do you happen to know the name of this story?


Thunder and Lightening by Lazelo Zalezac.


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2 minutes too late to help!



Thank you!




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