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Mystery Scifi Story


Hi everyone,
I forgot the exact title of this story, but I believe it got up to chapter six before the author just stopped it. Basically, a kid wakes up in his dorm room in a parallel universe and this girl birsts in and just starts fucking him in a frenzy. This is because periods are different in this universe. Anyhow, the mystery of the story was that the MC has a father who was believed to have been a part of this alternate universe, and as the MC learns about the universe, information connects his father to a shady organization.
Does this ring any bells? From what I can remember it didn't receive any reviews on the toplist, so therefore people may not have scene it.

Replies:   awnlee jawking
awnlee jawking


I remember reading this story. It was pretty good. Unfortunately I can't recall the title or author.

I hope someone can remember the details.



If I remember correctly, he had a cell-phone, which didn't exist in that universe. Can't recall the name either, but it was promising.

awnlee jawking

It's a Brave New World by CraftyWidgit?


Replies:   Zom  zellus

@awnlee jawking

Brave New World

That is the one I am thinking of.


@awnlee jawking


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