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Father & Daughter in Truck accident


Father and daughter in an 18 wheeler and the father was killed in an accident but the daughter survived. I think the father tried to avoid hitting a car that was backing up on the interstate...that's about all I remember about the story.


This one is probably the Nanovirus by cmsix. It is classified as unfinished but still a good story. One example of a writers trap. At one time he originally finished the story, then came up with more material and edited the end so new stuff could be added. Earning it that dreaded incomplete status. (I read the original where it was finished as well)


Thanks for the input but, that is not the one. By the way, I have read all of cmsix stories and enjoyed each and every one....even though they never end..lol

Replies:   docholladay

That plot sounds familiar. In the one I'm thinking of, the viewpoint character is a farmer who comes across the wreckage of the truck and notes the dead driver and finds the daughter (preteen or toddler) alive and relatively unhurt, and further noting that other than herself there is no evidence of her in or about the truck he "rescues" the girl, taking her back to his farm as his personal sex slave.

Unfortunately, I don't remember the author or title either.



Part of the problem with his unfinished stories is the fact that after supposedly coming to the end. He later comes up with new material for the story. Instead of writing an extra story he re-opens the previously closed story and starts adding to it. Then taking into consideration his bad health, makes it easy for them to wind up as incomplete stories. One story he couldn't complete because he wanted to merge it with another story. His muse or whatever fought that idea big time.


Try https://storiesonline.net/a/GoldenMage his story https://storiesonline.net/s/42517/ascension-of-the-alpha-male Has a teen girl in a semi truck with her dad dying in crash, then she is taken in by the main character


If I am remembering correctly, law enforcement knew the father and daughter....I think the main character was in a motor home and offered sanctuary to the teen girl.




An 18 wheeler behind the car did his best to avoid the car in front of him, but ended up ... Six dead already and one little girl still fighting hard for her dear life. ... "I know my mother died when I was six, and my father left when I was thirteen,

This was found by Google who provided this summary / extract

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