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mind control hat


looking for a story im almost positive i saw on this site a few years back. the story is about a guy who is doing research about extra sensory perception and it turns out he creates a baseball hat with a bunch of technology on it that lets him access the mind of anyone using it on his computer he proceeds to create a pretty big harem and he is able to change the bodies of the girls he takes control of. i remember the first girl he transfoms ends up with massive tits, any help would be great


You might be thinking of The Invention ( It's listed on the Erotic Mind Control Archive over at ASSTR as being posted in 1998, author unknown, but was edited and added to for the SOL post by Dark Paladin, who also partially wrote a sequel.


this is unfortunately not the story i was thinking of


I think its master PC series

Replies:   Dominions Son
Dominions Son


Master PC is a computer program, not a hat.


Try asking your question on the Searching For A Story page of the MC Forum ( You might need to join the forum before posting your question.


think he was not trying for mind control but its what he wound up with i remember a chair and he (the guy doing the testing)and the girl maybe college student nope sorry lost it


The Invention by Dark Paladin & Anonymous

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