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looking for a time travel story.


well i am looking for a time travel story. a man goes back into his old body. he is in high school i think. his best friend dies from cancer.her name is Beth. i hope that helps. thank you.

on a side note can some one give me a top 10 time travel stories on SOL.

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John Demille


Rewind by Don Lockwood


You want time travel or Do-Over stories?

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Already sorted by score. Most stories are of the Do-Over or "travel back once with knowledge" variety though and do not include time-hopping.

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A Stitch in Time is a great story with a unique premise. I never did understand the protagonist's motivation regarding the girl and the college, but that didn't take away from my enjoyment of the story.

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List of do-over and time travel stories: http://do-over.wikifoundry.com/
John Demille is correct, Rewind by Don Lockwood has best friend Beth dying of cancer; excellent story.


The story Rewind is incomplete and inactive and I believe the author made a blog post some years back to the effect that due to the death of his brother it would probably not be finished for a long time, if ever.


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If you are referring to the story by Marsh Alien, the girl was the one he was falling in love with (First Love) before time jumped on him. He then found out he had been a perfect ass to her and everyone else, and was fixated on atoning for that and winning back the girl he still love.

As far as the college goes, I believe it had some family significance.

Now you are going to make me reread the story to find out what that family significance was.



Well there's a very similar premise like that.

He was adopted i think to a family and he fell inlove with his step-sister and same her to him.

But she got sick and died, it was curable but technology wasnt available then and it was already too late.

Along those lines, the Mc has photographic memory, he was successful and rich and he went back to the cave where they called their base or hideout or special place.

Got electrocuted via idk possibly lightning that hit and the cave was grounded.

He went back in time.

So his motivation was to advance technology to save her and or prevent her from getting sick in the first place.

He also helps his community to advance via job opportunities, quality education etc. etc.

It's time by john wales.



Rewind is finished as far as the main story line goes. Classic do over setup where fat useless loser who started with great potential gets to try again. In this case he is able to face the emotional and behavioral problems that started him on the path of loserdom. SO the story is complete and quite readable as is.

Unfortunately, Frank... er.. Don Lockwood tried to spin the plot in a new direction in the last couple of chapters and then lost interest in writing. So if you want an excellent stab at the do-over genre AND the author's high point as a writer, give Rewind a read. Just be ready for a disjointed end that whimpers through what should be a great end point just a bit back.

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AND the author's high point as a writer

IMHO Rewind is a great story but 'Dance of a Lifetime' is right up there with it.


I'll never argue that DoAL is not a great story. It stands tall as not only one of his best but one of the best on the site.

Still, it's not particularly good writing. There is plenty of fat on that story (as often happens with very long stories especially when you solicit sub plot ideas from readers). THere are also several dialog problems...

Still and all, it's one of the best stories, if you get my difference.

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The nude ice dancing gave me second thoughts about Mr. Lockwood's maturity level.


thank you every one for all your help. will look into the stories.


@John Demille

first thank you for yhe story name. as for time travel stories or do-over stories i am looking for both .

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