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sex change pregnancy


Looking for a story where a teen ticks of a mother because he's been sleeping with all her daughters. One day he wakes up and is in pain and finds out that a friend of the mother changed him into a woman. They used his sperm to get him now a her pregnant. She gets a job at a bar and starts sleeping with the boss. After the birth of her baby she goes home to her family and sleeps with her brother. Then after she gets home the brother of her lover rapes her and she leaves. She later gets pregnant by her brother and then turns lesbian.

Replies:   StaticBat83


Any ideas?

Replies:   Dominions Son

sounds like a fucked up nightmare to me or it might even be kind of funny

Dominions Son


Any ideas?

Unless there is magic or alien technology involved, pregnancy will not be possible.

A modern plastic surgeon can turn a guy's dick inside out and turn it into a mostly functional vagina, but he still won't have a uterus or ovaries.

Getting a transplant of a uterus and ovaries from a woman into a man, especially without leaving him/her with the need to take anti-rejection drugs for the rest of his/her life is beyond the capabilities of modern medicine.

Replies:   madnige  StaticBat83

Future tech is another possibility for such a story. Research with stem cells suggests entire new organs may be grown someday. Not too far a stretch to suggest that someday a m>f transgender could have their own body tricked into growing female reproductive organs. There would still be a problem with natural childbirth as the male pelvic bones are not designed to widen and flex during pregnancy & delivery, allowing a wide enough pelvic opening for a baby to pass through.


@Dominions Son

pregnancy will not be possible


These posts remind me of Larry Niven's 'Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex', specifically the end where the problem is given a resolution...



@Dominions Son

In stories as long as the author and the reader has imagination pregnancy could be possible. In our world with the technology we have now no. It's kind of like stories with brain transplants are possible. It could be in an alternate reality or even a different world where the technology is advanced enough that it could work.

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