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What I remember, though might be two stories I mixed up:

Main character used to be a spy.
Discovers a drug that makes people extremely suggestible.
Kills the inventor, fakes his death, gets surgery to change his face.
Goes to Brazil.
Sees an incredibly beautiful woman on the beach.
Discovers her husband is going to kill her.
Plots with both of them to kill the other. Kills the husband via a car accident (using the drug).
Through his new girlfriend becomes leader of the prostitutes in Brazil.
Slowly becomes the criminal mastermind of Brazil, South America and is spreading into the States ... by invitation since he makes everything run better and safer for all concerned.
Uses the title 'El Diablo' or similar.


I think it's FantasyLover's https://storiesonline.net/s/66654/sao-diabo

I read it a while back though could only answer you because it was just mentioned here a little while ago,,,if it is the story you seek


I thought I'd checked his stories ... in fact I did. SO changed my filter settings - blocked it out as a result.

Thank you.

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