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Looking for Naked in School story about a teen named Joshua by Arquillius. Cannot find any of the author's stories. Thank yo.

Lazeez Jiddan (Webmaster)


Author didn't like the feedback to his work; removed all his stories from the site.


Thank you


No, the author pulled all of his work because he started to feel like it was substandard. He pulled it so that he could work on it, and only release definitive versions for his readers.... then he went out and wrote a kids book. That's why the author pulled his stories.


Are you ever going to repost or no ?

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Yes, After I stop feeling that they are sub standard. It was suggested to me by a reader who thought that putting up multiple versions of the same story, without ever really completing it seemed like I was aching for ratings. I had started to do rewrites, which I do, and he/she contacted me regarding how it looked. I agreed, and asked the staff here to remove until I was ready to repost the new stuff.

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Ernest Bywater


Over the years since I started writing my skills have improved and I found I didn't like the quality of the early version, so I simply revised the stories and replaced them at SOL. It's easily done via the submission wizard and allows the readers to still read the stories. A blog entry of the action and some go back to read the revised story. In the last 10 years I've done that three times and doubt I'll do anything but error fixes on them now.

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@Ernest Bywater

Yeah I thought about that, but I'd rather just remove it all and post it all back when I was ready.

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