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Need mind control stories where the main characters are aggressors.

I don't mean them to be devils but i would like it for a fresh change that the main characters aren't always caught offguard by enemies.

The cliche plot story goes like this.

Discovers mind control abilities -> enslaves women/girls -> gets noticed by 'secret' society of mc -> gets attacked or his slaves are targetted by rogue MCs.

It would be nice where the main character isn't a walking hormone reducing him into a punching bag where enemies constantly keep poking him and him constantly reacting.

Kind of like superman(or any other superhero for that matter), the man of steel, yet he does not initiate attacks on the villians and has to wait for the said villains to do damage before attacking.

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Try "Set Fire to the Rain" by ElSol where the females are tied to him for other reasons, or - also his - the "Impervious" series which I found a bit harder to follow, but all have scores around the 8 level.


I don't know if this is allowed (because of the different age restrictions, almost diametrically opposed), but I would recommend you take a look at Piper's Domain. I don't think any of the stories there follow that plot.


How about Hermit's Jake Feilding series


Main ch is young, too young for a harem, so that part of the cliche plot is out, although the rest is pretty much followed, and also all the 'want' points are hit too. What's different (though not that different, I've seen it elsewhere) is that as he learns his abilities, he also learns how to give those abilities to others

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I found the mc in that story too 'soft' for my taste for the kind of universe he is living in.


Suggest you ask on The MC Forum (http://www.mcforum.net/yabbse/index.php?board=4.0) for suggestions on what you're looking for on the Erotic Mind Control Story Archive, and elsewhere. Here is the link to the Archive: http://www.mcstories.com/

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