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old sibling story


I kind of remember a story from many years ago I'd like to find again. There are a group of brothers and sisters and their parents die. The oldest boy and girl decide to raise the others, sacrificing much. They eventually fall into bed together since they have no time to date. Eventually the younger sibs, twins I think, join in and it's a bit of a free-for-all. Pretty sure it's multi chapter. Thank you.

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Variations on that theme aren't uncommon, so can you give more details of the storyline to narrow it down a bit?

Was it on SOL?
Plus knowing roughly how many years ago would help eliminate a lot of possibilities.


Maybe "A Place To Call Home" by dustbuster23


I'm thinking it was 8 or 10 years ago and I don't remember if it was this site or another. I kind of think the younger kids involved the family dog. I also remember the family wasn't rich, because the oldest son was working long hours and couldn't date. That kind of set it in motion some. Thanks for the help, but it's not the two mentioned so far.


Maybe "A Family Affair" by centaur on Mr Double's site.



try checking out this universe


Try this one by Dual Writer.

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On asstr by dorsai. Called family affair. The two younger sisters had a dog and went to a summer camp when the the older brother and sister got together the first time.actually a kind of long and romantic story.

Bondi Beach


Try this one by Dual Writer.

I guess the plot isn't all that rare, but this one and dustbuster's mentioned above have the same premise and initial development, except that Dual Writer's writing is stronger and there's no sex, according to the codes.



Thank you all. It was Family Affair by Dorsai. I appreciate the help finding it.


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