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I'm once again looking for a story i read years ago, it was an unfinished collaboration by two authors. The story is about a young man in australia who finds out he is the son of an angel and a human. he has powers, and almost kills a bully at his school when they awaken. later in the story a girl joins him as his guardian/mate? i'm not sure on that point, but she's given training and at the end she gets a special pair of knives that contain cherub souls... aside from different creatures attacking them, that's about all i remember. Any help would be great. Thanks!

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I did an advanced search for Australia and angel, pulled up 116 entries, but none of them were the one you were looking for. I didn't try alternate words for angel, such as seraph, let me know if you think it might be an alternate term and I can try again with alternates.

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First Estate by blackrandle1958 has some of these elements.



nephilim, cherubs, girls name was jen or jenny, at one point she flashed her tits at a clerk for a 50 pack of griffins, after the fight at school, (bully's name was mattie, i remember cause during the fight MC kept repeating 'time to die mattie.' had a couple friends he skipped school with where he broke with his friends traditions by getting something other than "macca's" for lunch at the mall... jen was sent out into the bush to a farm for her training. MC went to a party where he got drunk with the sister of the guy throwing the party. those are about the only specifics i can remember...


Is it The Nephelim by Animus and Staine


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lol, clicked the link, scrolled down about an inch, saw the manson quote. didn't need to read any further. yep, that's the one. should have remembered the worm gets his wings quote.. thanks trower!

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