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Lost Story: Teaching Ryan - Kinkybelle


Would someone know where i can find this story?
Teaching Ryan - Kinkybelle


According to Google:

"No results found for "Teaching Ryan" by Kinkybelle."

So, either the author is making it available else under both a new pseudonym and a new title, or more likely, it was only posted here and has been deleted. Your best best would be to try various archives, like the Way Back Machine.

Crumbly Writer

Good for the blogger. If more sites would stand up to the fakers/plagizers, we'd all be better off. Still, you have to wonder what happened to her. If the law got involved, their first act is typically to take all the computers in the house and the second is to ban the author from ever going online again, so wouldn't be unlikely she ran afoul of the local laws somewhere (anyone know where she lived?). Of course, getting hit by a bus is always a possibility--especially if her family never knew about her posting stories.

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